G.I. Joe Canada
  • Cobra Commander

    Cobra Commander started his campaign as a used-car salesman. He is totally ruthless and wants to take over the world! Cobra Commander's fatal flaw is his arrogance. He lets his guard down when he thinks he has the battle won. G.I Joe has exposed this flaw time, and time again.

  • Xamot & Tomax

    The twin brothers Xamot and Tomax are mirror images of each other. One is left handed, the other is right. After service in the foreign legion, they became bankers in Switzerland. They finally settled into a role in Cobra's business branch. They bring a whole new meaning to "hostile takeover".

  • Sean Semont

    The charismatic Sean Semont is the leader of the Freedom Political Party, also known as the "Gold Party". Semont's suave personality hides a cold heart and a short temper. Semont has a reputation for "bullying" his competitors. Such tactics earned him his leadership role in the FPP.

  • Major Bludd

    Major Bludd received training in the Australian Special Air Service, but left to join the French Foreign Legion. After dropping out, he worked almost exclusively with Cobra until a power struggle between its leaders scared him away. He has re-emerged working under Sean Semont, a seemingly honest Canadian politician.

  • Major Payne

    Major Payne believes that a quick death is sloppy work. He's been hired as an interrogator by terrorist organizations around the world, including Cobra, but holds no allegiance to any of them. Payne would sell his own mother for a nickel and his employer for a penny.

  • Major Deth

    Very little is known about Major Deth. He wears the costume once worn by deceased Cobra agent Cesspool. He speaks rarely, and claims his only goal in life is to "crush Canadians."

  • Cobra-Omega

    Cobra-Omega fled his homeland of Cuba at a young age to find the American Dream. When he arrived, however, he only saw the ugly side of the U.S. He was rejected by the U.S military because of psychological "quirks". The rejection only made him angrier and more dangerous. Cobra recruiters noticed his anger and quickly brought him into the fold. Omega now uses his anger as a weapon against the American Way and the country that "ruined" him.

  • Scrap-Iron

    Scrap-Iron is the top engineer in M.A.R.S. He is angry man who wants to destroy everything. Fortunately, M.A.R.S's partnership with Cobra gets him closer and closer to his goal.

  • Firefly

    Firefly is Cobra's favorite contractor. He doesn't need motivation. He doesn't ask questions. He doesn't screw up. As long as the money is there, Firefly doesn't care what his next assignment is. While he is not officially a part of Cobra, he travels with the organization, readily available for his next job.

  • Darklon

    A distant cousin of Destro, Darklon aspires to be like his employer, and eventually take his place. While Darklon is too loyal to harm Destro in any way, he dreams of the day Destro finally hands over the family business to him.

  • Metal-Head

    Metal-Head is Destro's second in command and anti-tank specialist. He is still young and has a long way to go before he can gain Destro's full confidence. He is easily irritated and often loses his temper. Metal-Head knows almost as much about military armour as he does about blowing it up. His enthusiasm for destruction makes him invaluable to M.A.R.S, and a threat to the world!

  • Destro

    Destro is the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of M.A.R.S (Military Armaments Research System), the world's largest manufacturer of weaponry. Destro is involved in every major war in some shape or form. While Destro has a somewhat honourable code of conduct, he is not above having his sub-ordinates do his dirty work for him.